BatBob™ is ideal for organizing bats, gloves and helmets on the dugout fence. Keep your dugout in order and protect your gear from scuffing, dinging and getting kicked around.

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To save time, customize one BatBob then choose your quantity and fill in your background color, font color and the names and numbers of all teammates. We’ll handle the rest! (Example: Red Background, White Font, Edwards 11, Pelham 7, Ryan 24, Blum 5.)

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Organize your dugout
Is your dugout starting to look a giant junk drawer? You need help! BatBob lets you organize things quickly by hanging your bats, gloves and helmets on the dugout fence.

Keep your players safe
Watch out for dugouts without BatBobs.  They’re booby trapped! When one bat falls, they all go down — just in time for a player to roll an ankle or to trip up your whole team.

Bats are at the ready
Stop wasting time digging through a heap of bats under the bench! With BatBob, you’ll never misplace your bat again. And after you win the big game, packing up won’t cut into your celebration time either. Just unclip your BatBobs from the fence and you’re ready to go!

Protect your equipment
Sticking your bat through the fence is a rookie mistake! They can fall off, get dinged up and get kicked around. BatBob’s bungee loop holds on tightly without damaging your bat, keeping it on the fence and out of harm’s way.

BatBob adds to team spirit!
BatBob brings harmony for your dugout and unity to your team. When you’re in uniform and your BatBobs are all up, it’s game time!

BatBobs are built tough in the USA. Since they can be customized with clubs logos, they’re perfect for leagues and tournaments.

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